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So you’ve graduated training, been placed on a vessel, and you want to get started on your promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. We expect members at the rank of Ensign to be learning how simming works, learning more about our community, integrating into their ship, and generally just having fun!

Ensigns are ready for advancement to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade when they meet the following requirements:

  1. Meet the average number of posts per month required for their ship. The minimum is three times a week, but some ships require more.
  2. Respond to other simmers in an appropriate manner. Do you take note of when you’re “tagged” in a sim? Do you respond to those tags? Do you take the opportunity to have your character interact with others?
  3. Include strong characterization. Writing well means giving us a window into your character’s thoughts and motivations, beyond just what they’re doing. We have a whole tutorial library with more information about how you increase the quality of your writing.

While the following items are not required for promotion, they are good to complete for the sake of preparing for your next rank:

  • Expanding your wiki profile: the wiki is the place where you can keep the most in depth record of your character. Check out the tutorial on creating a character page. Some ships create a profile for you, so you might want to check with your First Officer about whether or not that has already been done.
  • Checking-in to your duty post forum: the duty post forums are where we discuss simming your character’s job better, and generally just get to know other people in a similar position around the fleet.

Extra Credit

Want to accelerate your progress? Read through these tutorials and consider how you can implement their guidance!

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