Prometheus Station

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STATUS: Destroyed

The Prometheus Station was established in 2385 in the Piktar System as a research and development facility for the Starfleet Sciences and Technology Division. The large station housed multiple experients and its most notable breakthrough was in slipstream technology. in 2392, the station suffered a catastrophic accident, later referred to as the Prometheus Incident, which sparked the sudden appearance of massive rifts in subspace.

Upon investigation, the USS Gemini discovered that the cause of the subspace rifts were from a prototype weapon. A super-critical subspace field destroyed the majority of the station.

Technical Details

An Eidyia class station, it houses over one thousand scientists and personnel on its fifty-four deck structure. (NOTE: There are no deck plans on file for the station to help with securing the facility from outside intrusion.)

USS Thomas Edison

USS Thomas Edison

The USS Thomas Edison is a Nova class starship assigned to Prometheus Station as patrol and also to help field test any technology the director decides. She is under the command of Captain Morgan Vance and has been assigned to the station since 2387. During the Incident, she was destroyed in an interphasic rift.