Price of Freedom (Apollo)

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--Stardate 239006.01--

The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669, is enjoying shore leave on Izar, home to Starfleet's Tactical School. Each member of the crew has found something to interest them during the two day stay. With the Apollo picking up supplies from a nearby starbase, the crew is truly cut off from work, ready to relax.

At the same time the crew is enjoying themselves, a small team of political freedom fighters from a close-by system. Hoping to cast a light on their situation, this team of people has the skills to make it a very bad day. They are gearing up for something, but what?

--Stardate 239007.01--

In the evening, many of the junior officers retreated to a local pizza shop for dinner. At the same time, Fleet Captain Andrus Jaxx and the senior officers were meeting for dinner in the hotel restaurant.

During their meal, members of the Galaran Resistance Front executed a plan to take hostages in the restaurant. Their goal was to shed light on the atrocities happening on their home world. Until now, the Federation has elected not to interfere with the planet, as they are not Federation members. With desperation fueling them, the hostage takers are using this act as a last resort to get outside help for their people.

With every officer ranked Lt. Commander and above being held hostage, it is up to the remaining officers of the Apollo to find a way to deal with the situation, without the help of the command staff. Negotiations are being led by Lieutenant Sundassa Faranster and her team, and only time will tell if they can save the lives of the civilians and their senior officers.

--Stardate 239007.20--

While being held hostage, the senior staff began hatching a plan with the team outside. Fleet Captain Andrus Jaxx used telepathic communication to reach out to Lieutenant Sundassa Faranster to help coordinate. As things developed it was discovered that the hostage takers had procured their weapons from the arsenal at the Tactical School. A fail safe mechanism was employed on the weapons to remotely disarm them, if the signal was sent within a short proximity.

A plan was enacted to smuggle a tricorder in to disarm the weapons, and the act was carried out by Lt. Commander Jalana Laxyn. Now, an internal power struggle has started between the hostage takers, evenly dividing them. With one bomb already detonated, and 3 civilians is only a matter of time before more are killed, unless someone can subdue Tola Bratunk, a hostage taker hell bent on watching the world burn.

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Regional Commander
Commanding Officer
Andastre Ruane
Executive Officer
Gogigobo Fairhug
Chief of Security
Khatri Darshana
Daniel Cain.png
Security Officer
Daniel Cain
Wallace JG.png
Security Officer
Wallace Williams
Tactical Officer
Conrad Adler
Wiar Sh'zatrahr.png
Engineering Officer
Wiar Sh'zatrahr
Davine D'fini.jpg
Chief Science Officer
Davine D'fini
Dar toral.jpeg
Science Officer
Dar Toral
Medical Officer
Sakira P'au
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