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Par'tha Expanse

Outpost Ganzera was a space station in the Par'tha Expanse, a region of space located slightly coreward and below Federation space, at the far end of the Jenatris Corridor. Opting to not place embassies on each planet due to their non-member status, the Federation set up an embassy to the entire region in the form of a space station located in the center of the Expanse.

Par'tha Expanse Outpost Ganzera

The embassy housed an ambassador and their staff of 30, along with the ambassador's family and another 18 family members of the ambassadorial staff. The ambassador's dog Mindy, a six year old beagle, could be found wandering the halls of the Outpost/Embassy looking for food and loving. Mindy was once missing for two days as she got into a shuttle and took a nap in the rear seat and was not noticed by the flight crew.


Outpost Ganzera was designed to be the Sector Intel Headquarters by Vice Admiral Margaret Garcetti. Once built and Intel moved in, they only stayed a little over a month before turning it over to the Federation Diplomatic Corps. Because of its location in the Expanse, subspace messages took too long, and some of the Intel Systems did not work at all. Others caused breaches in the classified network.

Vice Admiral Garcetti was the inspiration behind an Allied Par'tha Expanse Embassy. It was very busy with high amount of traffic coming and going from all the worlds in the Expanse.

As of 2392, the Outpost became a major piece in the Valcarian Agreement - a diplomatic treatise between the Valcarian Imperial Republic and the Freeworlds Council. The treatise called for the immediate cessation of all activities on the Outpost. Ganzera was abandoned by the Federation. It has since become a waypoint for interstellar vagrants and criminal activities.

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