Operation Sea Devil (Gorkon)

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2396, Episode 13

The Tyrellian Sector Saga
Gorkon Mission History
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2393 A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
2394 Old Hatreds · The Silver Function · The Devil's Expanse · Telutho'kai
2395 Hvei'khenn · Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
2396 The Njörðr Incident · Operation Sea Devil
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The Njörðr Incident

  • Stardate 239605. 15.05 to present

The crew of the USS Gorkon undertake a daring mission to infiltrate Orion space in order to capture a fugitive crime boss, acquire valuable intelligence and extract and undercover operative. At the same time, the Gorkon searches for one of the Syndicate's pirate captains who may be convinced to retire to the safe shores of the Federation... bringing all of his knowledge with him.


The Labyrinth's Scream
  • Ma no Umi: A Dakota-class starship giving Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds and company a lift to the New Horizons conference.
  • Labyrinth's Scream: An Orion corsair, captained by Thertas, an Andorian.

Plot Elements

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Mission Summary

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Act One: The Njörðr Incident


Act Two: The Escape


Act Three: Attack of the Crabs


Notable SIMs

Mission Reports

REV SD 239605.16