Operation Safe Harbor

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Starfleet launched Operation Safe Harbor in 2391 to combat piracy, but colonists in the Colonial Coalition have said the effort has had negligible effect.

Operation Safe Harbor is an anti-piracy effort begun in 2391 by Starfleet to protect trade routes, particularly those along the outer rim of the Federation that serve the worlds of the Colonial Coalition.

Among the ships assigned to the operation are the Norway class USS Montreal and the USS Veritas.

Partial Listing of Starships Assigned

Note that this listing does not include all vessels or areas covered by Operation Safe Harbor.

Area Assigned: The Shoals

VeritasLogo.png Veritas-scale.png
USS VeritasVeritas class
MontrealLogo.png Norway-scale.png
USS MontrealNorway class

Area Assigned: Bajor Sector

UFOPgrayseal-square.png Dakota-scale.png
USS KitakazeDakota class
UFOPgrayseal-square.png Intrepid-scale.png
USS Ballard-AIntrepid class

Area Assigned: The Marchlands

UFOPgrayseal-square.png Excelsior-scale.png
USS ShanghaiExcelsior class
UFOPgrayseal-square.png Akira-scale.png
USS HorizonAkira class
UFOPgrayseal-square.png Nebula-scale.png
USS AtlantaNebula class

Area Assigned: The Borderlands

GeminiLogo.png Dakota-scale.png
USS GeminiDakota class
UFOPgrayseal-square.png Steamrunner-scale.png
USS John Paul JonesSteamrunner class
UFOPgrayseal-square.png Steamrunner-scale.png
USS WyomingSteamrunner class

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