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Memory 118
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Welcome to Memory118! These articles are intended to fill in the details of our universe. Below is a guide to help identify what belongs in this section of the wiki and what does not. It will also provide guidelines to help us build a complete (but organized) encyclopedia. Every time you add an article, you’re letting the fleet know about a detail of our universe. Your shipmates – and future simmers – will be glad you took the time to add a page!

What belongs here

When considering whether or not something should be added to Memory 118, consider creating an article if your subject meets the guidelines below:

  • New people, places, things or ideas created exclusively within and for the Starbase 118 simming community
  • Information about an existing ("canon" Star Trek or real world) topic that has been expanded upon for our community.
  • Details of the world that others might want to reference or use in their sims.

What does not belong here

Certain subjects are not covered by Memory118. Please refrain from adding these items here:

  • Primary, Secondary, or Non-Player Character Bios
  • Articles primarily concerned with a real world topic
  • Articles focusing only on canon Star Trek topics that don't expand on what was seen onscreen.
  • Articles about non-canon Star Trek topics that were developed outside of the Starbase 118 simming community

Creating New Articles

Any article can be quickly created using a template. Several templates are available for use.

To create an article using a template, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Create a new page by typing the article title into the search box and pressing 'Go'. Please remember to use an appropriate title!
  2. Copy in a line of code: {{subst:Memory 118 Template}} where “Memory 118 Template” is replaced with the title of the template you wish to use. Memory 118 includes a list of available templates.
  3. Save the page.
  4. The page should now show up with all the information you’ll want to fill in about your article topic. The page will already be formatted for you.
  5. Add appropriate categories at the bottom. (Note: The category will be added for you. Depending on the template used, others may be as well.)

By following these steps, you can create articles that highlight the depth of the Starbase 118 universe.

Categorization and Adding Articles to the Index

When creating an article, be sure to categorize it within Category:Memory 118. This ensures the article is added to the Memory 118 Index. Templates generally already include this category.

  • Add other categories as appropriate for your article. For instance, an article on Uttaberry juice should include the category “beverages” as well.
  • You can also add an existing article to Memory 118 by adding {{M118}} to the page. This adds the Memory 118 badge to the top right of the article as well as.


Articles are automatically alphabetized by first letter of the article name. An article may be placed under a different letter within the Memory 118 category by specifying the letter wanted. Example: To place The One Kingdom under the letter O rather than T, make sure at the bottom the page includes [[Category:Memory 118|O]].

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