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The Marchlands are a region in space that is home to various locations of interest that will be listed here.

OOC: Some of these locations are canon others have been developed especially for the missions of the USS Constitution-B. This site is a work in progress and will be filled as we go along with our campaign in this region.

Cait System

Home of the Caitians, and a Federation member system. It's also home to one of the largest Dilithium mines and refineries in Federation. In fact, it provides the largest percentage dilithium for Starfleet.

Delphi Ardu IV

Classified as M-class, the uninhabited fourth planet of the Delphi Ardu system. In the distant past, the planet was affiliated with the Tkon Empire. Prior to stardate 41386, the Delphi Ardu system had only been charted by the Federation via long-range scans, that indicated no life forms, sentient or otherwise. The planet was the ancient site of an outpost of the extinct Tkon Empire, known as Outpost 63.

Lembatta Cluster

The Lembatta Cluster was a region of space located near the border between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. In 2373, the USS Farragut was destroyed by Klingon forces near the Lembatta Cluster, while en route to offer relief to Ajilon Prime. During times of war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, Klingons used this cluster for their raids. In the year 2380, the Federation President visited the Lembatta Cluster without incidents.


Home to a campus affiliated with the University of Hurkos. It specialises in Interstellar Law and Political Science.

Sarthong V

The inhabited fifth planet in its system. The planet was home to impressive archaeological ruins which were off-limits to outsiders.

Sirrie IV

The inhabited fourth planet in its star system. Mark Off-Zel was a famous artist from this planet.