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Ensign Jhotta is currently serving aboard the USS Atlantis as a Science Officer.

USS Atlantis
Position Science Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Rigelian (vulcanoid)
Gender Male
DOB 2367
Age 29
Writer ID A239510J10

Biographical Information

  • Full Name: Jhotta
  • Race: Rigelian (Vulcanoid)
  • Birthdate: 237003.11
  • Age: 28
  • Gender: Male


  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 155"
  • Hair: Brown-Black
  • Eyes: Dark Brown
  • Skin tone: Dusky, olive skin on the lighter side.
  • Build: Slender, making him look somewhat taller than he is.


  • Temperament: Laconic and with a dry wit, he is quite reserved on the surface for a Rigelian, leading to occasional outbursts if he isn't careful to let off steam via other outlets. He does perk up when an interesting problem presents itself however. Despite being fairly self-contained, he can be a bit puckish at times.
  • Carriage: His expression is generally impassive and he holds himself in a much more relaxed manner than most who have completed their military training with Starfleet. He is frequently seen slouching or leaning against any available surface, however his hands always seem to be busy with something. When his interest is piqued however, his body language shifts entirely and he becomes very still, upright, and alert.
  • Likes: Puzzles, botany, novelty, various combat sports, sweets, tinkering with new musical instruments, and people- though you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who would believe the latter. (People are only another kind of puzzle, after all.) He has a soft spot for children in particular, but tries not to let on most of the time (he's had enough babysitting duty for a lifetime.)
  • Dislikes: Environments which are too peaceful for too long, shrill/abrasive voices, and being mistaken for a Vulcan (unless he can get amusement out of the misunderstanding at the other party's expense.)


  • Parents: Alive and well, all three
  • Siblings: Numerous sisters
  • Spouse: n/a
  • Children: n/a

Chronological History

Raised in typical Rigelian fashion with a focus on home-life and agriculture, Jhotta's curious and restless disposition never quite fell in with the life his well-meaning family intended for him. At the earliest opportunity he found a cargo ship willing to overlook his age and inexperience (as well as his legal employment status) in favor of a cheap hand, and he struck out into the universe- determined to seek out something more (though unsure what that more might be.)

A long, convoluted path of serving on a string of ships and stations in the private sector began to lose it's luster after several years. Though he'd progressed in shipboard status during this time, he began to feel the limits of always moving on a dull, commercial agenda. Upon a chance encounter with a group of ensigns on shore leave, returning from their most recent tour, he caught a spark of inspiration from their tales of exploration for exploration's sake, and the strange curiosities they'd encountered on the fringe. He resigned his post that week.

The rigors of the academy proved surprisingly fertile ground for exploring his capabilities and cementing his drive to push boundaries. Much to his own amusement, he enjoyed and excelled at biology and botany, the very things his parents had wanted him to study in hopes of his pursuing agriculture back on Rigel. In addition to selecting a science track with specializations in biology, botany, and xenology, he leveraged his checkered career with a secondary specialization in tactical.

Jhotta never got too close to his peers at the academy, whether due to his ignoble work history, deadpan interjections & non-sequiturs (often taken as critical rather than humorous), casual attitude towards Starfleet formalities, or the one or two times he'd let the lid off his temper. Mostly unfazed by the opinions of others, he's content so long as he has a problem in front of him and the tools to tackle it.

USS Atlantis

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First Officer
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