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USS Athena
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James Winter
Position Intelligence Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Terran
Gender Male
DOB 2365
Age 31
Birthplace Leeds, England, Europe, Earth
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 Parents: Christina Archer & Matthew Elliot Winter
 Siblings: Terrell Winter
 Spouse: None
 Children: None

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Born in Leeds, to an upper class family, his father was the steward to a rich Merchant's estate, his Mother an influential member of Starfleet. Winter grew up with no material wants. He was quite curious, and adventurous, traits that often got him into trouble. His father spent copious funds to entertain the boy's whims, which often esoteric. He had a great fascination with the Galaxy at large, especially the Borg, and his rooms back on Earth still contain shelves packed with all available materials on the subject. From Artist's sketch books to advanced treatise on their dietary plans, he had consumed every last scrap of knowledge he could lay his hands on. Having an average childhood, he was neither socially inept, not was he a socialite, he matured into a calm, somewhat calculating young adult. Besides his own eager and independent studies, he was afforded a variety of private tutors through his parent's wealth and connections, bringing in Experts from the furthest reaches of the Galaxy.

He knew how to use his words, when it might gain him for favor to play out an elaborate apology or thanks, when to best take a fall so someone else looked good. Weather this manipulative, and arguably deceitful trait was moral or not could be debated. With his studies well under way, he found that he must set a goal for himself in life, something to work at, or else what was the point of it all? It was quite easy for him to determine a philosophy for his life. He was to be defined by his actions, and what he was doing. And where better to do something challenging and worthwhile at than at Starfleet itself?

With a very impressive resume, detailing everything from his varied studies, as well as the social activities, organisations and volunteer groups he had participated in, it was little surprise when his application was accepted. In the Academy itself, Winter held himself back purposefully, he was a upper-average Cadet, Majoring in science. Unknowing to him, someone had observed his keen eye for details, his rapidly calculating mind, and his calm, collected attitude. After his first year in the Academy, he was addressed by a councilor and spoken with, and the Next year, he elected to take a dual-major, Starfleet Intelligence.

His Specialty in Intelligence was, of course, the Borg, and through his already acquired learning he was able to excel in the classes, far beyond his previously mediocre record, surprising most everyone, safe for a few Professors and faculty 'in the know' from the councilor's actions. Despite his Major in Intelligence, he decided to stay on for some extra years, to acquire minors in Engineering, specifically Nano-mechanics, Nanotechnology, Physics and Chemistry.

Service History

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Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
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Ensign 239308.17 - Present USS Athena Intelligence Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

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Awards and Service Ribbons
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Starfleet Academy
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