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Intelligent Lifeform Index
Alpha & Beta QuadrantsGamma QuadrantDelta QuadrantPermitted Species Gallery
The ILI Gallery displays all known species that have been encountered by Federation personnel. All species have been classified by quadrant:
AlphaQuadrant.png BetaQuadrant.png
GammaQuadrant.png DeltaQuadrant.png
The colored border around the image for each species represents its playability designation, the marker for which species can be used as primary characters in UFOP: StarBase 118.

Img worf.jpg
ILI-Permitted.png ILI-Restricted.png
Green: Permitted
  • Species in this category are playable by all members.
  • If you're looking for a species to play as a primary character, check out the Permitted Species Gallery.
Yellow: Restricted
  • These species can only be played with a staff member's permission, and cannot ordinarily be played as your player character (PC).
  • If you would like to play a member of a restricted species as your PC, a formal process applies. Please see here for more information.
ILI-Forbidden.png ILI-ToBeDetermined.png
Red: Forbidden
  • Any species listed in this category are barred from being played by any members except in NPC, short-term capacities. This may be due to super-powers (Qs), or villain status (Borg).
Blue: Non-Reviewed
  • Non-Reviewed Species are those which have not been reviewed by the Captains Council and thus have not been designated with a playability rating.

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