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Free-form simming (FFS) sites are areas in which all our members are welcome to sim, on a part-time basis, in an unstructured environment. The purpose is to give players a chance to interact with other players from across the fleet, and also create new characters which they might not have had the opportunity to play on their primary vessel.


  • Players on these sites hold no rank, and will not advance in rank;
  • Players are free to sim on a regular basis, but no more often than they do with their primary characters;
  • The same rules that apply regarding decency, and good simming, also apply on FFS sites;
  • The players listed as “facilitators” will be tasked with ensuring good simming and appropriate simming, it is at their discretion that players may be “moderated” or banned from the FFS site entirely. Anyone banned will have their primary character’s CO notified immediately.

Keep in mind that if it becomes clear that you are simming more on FFS sites than on your primary character’s vessel, your primary character’s CO may decide to remove you from any leadership positions, demote you, or remove you from their site entirely to allow others who are simming their primary characters on that vessel a chance to move upward. The FFS sites are only for casual, irregular simming which does not disrupt your primary character simming.

StarBase 118

Need some suggestions for characters or settings for yourself? Try these!

  • Shopkeeper or restaurateur in the commercial dome;
  • Independent thief “making his/her way” on the base;
  • Freighter crewman or captain on a pit-stop;
  • Federation Merchant Marine crewman on a cargo pickup;
  • Ambassador to a lesser-known species, coming to the StarBase for diplomatic purposes;
  • Spy for an enemy (or ally!) species on a reconnaissance mission;
  • StarFleet crew on shore-leave.


The telepathic and empathic peoples of the Milky Way galaxy have a lot more going-on than most Federation members know about. From Reader Universities, to political groups like SCEPTRE, a simple reader has many ways to develop their abilities and put them to use protecting readers from often paranoid and ignorant non-reading species. Setting

Unlike the StarBase 118 FFS area, the Readers Guild In Character setting can be just about anywhere. This FFS area brings together characters from across the Galaxy and tells their stories as it relates to Readers plots, as opposed to telling stories related to a specific location, like StarBase 118.

Check out the Readers Guild area of the wiki to learn more about Readers In Character organizations and locations, but also feel free to make up your own as they come to you!

Need some suggestions for characters or settings for yourself? Try these!

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