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Due to the inherent coding within our wiki's software, you cannot use the double colon marker to denote actions within a SIM. Therefore, you will want to follow the instructions below for how to format a SIM on the wiki.

Double Colons

You cannot use double colons at the beginning of a line, because it forces the wiki to think you're attempting to indent the line, like so:

Joe moved to the window.::

The quick fix is to simply put the following tags before and after the colons: <nowiki></nowiki>

Like so:

<nowiki>::</nowiki>Joe moved to the window.::

You'll find that it's easiest to make this change by transferring the SIM into a word processor, like Microsoft Word, and then using the "replace" feature. In the upper box, you'd be finding "::" and in the lower box, you'd be replacing it with <nowiki>::</nowiki>. Then use the "Find Next" button and find the first double colon in each paragraph. Alternatively, you could just do "replace all," and make all instances of the double colo include the nowiki tag, but that adds more coding gobbledy-gook. It won't hurt the page to do so, however.

Containing Table

It's best to include a "containing table" for the SIM, so that the line length across the screen doesn't stretch too far. This makes it easier on the reader. To add the table, just add these tags at the very top of the page:

<table width="70%"><tr><td>

And these tags after the end of your SIM and before your category tags:


Bolding Dialogue

Another way to help the reader is to bold the names that come before text, like so:

'''Wolf''': Jump!

Which produces:

Wolf: Jump!


Don't forget the category, of course. The "catch-all" for archived SIMs is: [[Category:SIMs]].

If your vessel also has a category for SIMs (like Wallace SIMs), you'll want to include that, as well.