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The FMS Kravyet was a D'Kora Class Orion Marauder, commanded by Captain Ogu-Saan and connected with the Orion Syndicate.

It attacked Lady Shadonna's personal shuttle with a tachyon pulse that caused them engine trouble and then lay in wait for Starfleet to launch the Runabout Aramis II before attacking the runabout and taking the small vessel on board, kidnapping the diva, her manager and five Starfleet crew.

Starfleet launched an immediate rescue mission via the Outcast shuttle, a civilian ship that was able to get close enough to the FMS Kravyet to initiate boarding. Starfleet teams fought with Orion teams in the hallways of the Kravyet, while the USS Albion drew off any support the Kravyet might have gotten from fellow Orion ships. In the end the Kravyet was subdued, its crew incarcerated and the ship was impounded by Starfleet intel.

Crew of the FMS Kravyet
Rank Character Name Race Post
Captain Ogu-Saan Orion Male Commanding Officer
Sub-Commander Yillara Khante Orion Female Chief of Security
Chief Rakh Tellarite Female Head Engineer
Chief Juv-Naal Orion Male Cargo Chief
Sub-Chief Larx Flaxian Male Helmsman
No Rank Hirun and Taarn Orion Males Ogu-Saan's bodyguards