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The main responsibility of the Engineering Department is to maintain the continuous smooth operation of the systems of a starship, base or outpost. In general, the duties of an Engineer are repetitive and monotonous, leading to some challenges to simming. It's usually only when a something has gone wrong that things can get really exciting.

This does not mean that Engineers can't play roles in the crew when the mission is routine. Vessels frequently encounter situations where Engineering expertise is required somewhere off ship, and this opens the door for many interesting sims.

In most cases, Main Engineering is located away from the other sections of the ship. This is logically because when things go wrong in Engineering, it can lead to very dangerous conditions. Also, in most ship designs, Engineering can serve as an "auxiliary control" in the event that the main bridge is damaged beyond usefulness. This can seem like a limiting factor for interaction, but being able to easily avoid other PC's has it's advantages.

By it's very nature, Engineering has access to all ships systems. Episodes in all of the Star Trek series indicate that it is possible to "take over" from Engineering. While this is sometimes tempting, in almost all cases in the shows we see that those who abuse the powers of engineering never prosper. It may take more than one hour in sims, but the penalties will come back to get you eventually.

A post in Engineering grants a player the opportunity to use, experiment, create and play with any and all technology onboard a ship. Everything from the replicators to alien artifacts can require an Engineer. They work with one of the most concentrated crews, as Engineering is always busy. They can work any shift, and there's always an excuse to be there.

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