Fortuna (Embassy of Duronis II)

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The Fortuna


Be careful what you dig for, you may unearth something you weren't expecting.

Important Characters

Crew of the USS Thor vs. mutants

Plot Summary

An automated distress signal was received from the Hercules, which is a drilling rig/space station located in orbit above planet P-995, where also the Fortuna III mining/processing facility is located on a planet just outside of the Typhon Expanse. The Hercules and Fortuna are owned by the Nova Corporation with exclusive mining rights to the planet. They specialize in mining metal alloys, such as Titanium, and Duranium , which help build Star Fleet ships.

Starfleet has attempted to establish sub-space communications with both facilities but has failed. A Klingon vessel, the K’tal, is the closest ship in the area, agreed to check in on the Hercules which has a crew of 20 and the Fortuna III, with 53 ground employees. We've received news that upon arrival the Klingon vessel has scanned the small drilling rig and found that structural integrity is intact, and most of the life support is functioning, though there are some power failures throughout the station. There are no signs of weapons fire on the hull and no damage to the main sub-space relay tower. It seems that the lights are on, but nobody is home in both outposts. An attempt was made by the Klingons to beam into the drilling rig, but apparently, a quarantine protocol had been initiated on the station, blocking transporter use. The Klingon vessel is planning a hard-dock with the station to investigate, but they have requested back up, and Starfleet has chosen the Thor to go and investigate the situation and lend assistance.

Part 1

Meanwhile, the crew of the USS Thunder-A,

Cairdeas Station


Tasked with re-opening the once closed Cairdeas Station, the new Commanders of the USS Thunder-A, discover the station is not so empty.

Plot Summary

Part 1

During the initial boarding of the station the crew, led by Brayden Jorey and Oddas Aria discover a small crew of bandits and a dozen or so Laudean prisoners, bound for a life of slavery. Splitting up the two, and Irina Pavlova, manage to bring life to the station and drive the squatters back, rescuing the current prisoners. The effort does flush out the existence of a cloaked ship in orbit of the station, which the newly minted commanders of the Thunder decide to pursue.

Part 2

Some quick work on the part of the Thunder crew manages to estimate the destination of the cloaked ship, an out of the way system named Xertis. Deploying a Tachyon grid using their fighters they manage to deploy ahead of the cloaked vessel, and board it before it reaches its destination, an apparently abandoned space station.

Boarding the ship, an Away Team finds a group of Laudean prisoners, while another group secures the bridge and sabotages the ship.

Part 3

The Thunder is heading home under QSSD when a Laudean kills an Engineering Officer. The Laudean is confronted by the Thunder's Chief of Security, Irina Pavlova, and after a brief, but violent struggle, killed. During the struggle the Laudean reveals he is under the influence of some very powerful mind control, raising the possibility the other rescued captives are as well.