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Crew of the USS Victory
Rocar Drawoh

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Notable Relationships
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  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Commanding Officer
  • Rank: Rear Admiral
  • Race: Ktarian
  • Spouse: None (separated)
  • Family:
    • Hilzarie, Cheliz (daughter)
    • Hilzarie, Xan (son)

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For Rocar's Personal History After Joining Starfleet see: Rocar's Later Years (2379 Onwards)


Rocar was born on Ktaria VII on stardate 234508.13. Like all Ktarian children he developed quickly at a rate of over 5cm in 3 weeks, possibly explaining his final towering height of 7'1".

Ktaria was politically Neutral with regards to the Federation and other Alpha Quadrant powers. During this time Rocar began to learn the skills of the galaxywide famous Ktarian cuisine from his maternal grandmother. This included learning her special family recipe for the exquisite Ktaria chocolate puff which contains at least 17 varieties of chocolate. Rocar also learnt about his own Ktarian culture and it was during this time that he developed his love for music after attending numerous Ktarian music festivals. He also became quite a good skier on the glacial planet.

At the age of 13 (2358) Rocar left his home world with his parents after Drawoh Trebla (Rocar's Father,) was made ambassador to the Cardassia.

Despite various successful negotiations, by early 2360 Rocar's father sought retirement from the complicated life of 'negotiating' with Cardassians, claiming he was appalled at the number of atrocities he had seen authorised by the Cardassian Central Government. The Ktarian government were reluctant to accept the retirement. Instead they reassigned him to their embassy on Vulcan.

Teenage Years

Now aged 15 it was here where Rocar matured and developped his traits. From Vulcan mentors and teachers he learnt in detail about the technologies and sciences of the federation which he would memorise with great enthusiasm. Surrounded by Vulcan children Rocar made a point of not wanting to be 'as miserable in life as a Vulcan is' and he vowed to always smile whatever the situation.

Despite developing his good humour, large grins and a loud laugh; Rocar also learnt from his Vulcan teachers how to hide and control his emotions, however to their 'annoyance' he would only employ these skills when it suited him (usually to hide his fears or mischief from those around him.)

Attending Vulcan schools with Vulcan children, Rocar learnt a lot of his patience that would latter make him a diplomat like his father. He also learnt the technical skills and high educational levels that would allow him to become one of the few off-worlders to study medical science at the Vulcan Science Academy once he turned 18.

Vulcan Science Academy

Rocar spent over 6 years on Vulcan and the behavioural traits, skills, technological knowledge and big grins which he developed during this time have clearly stuck with him for the rest of his life. Whilst on Vulcan, Rocar followed the path of many Ktarians and became a good rock climber, causing a fuss at the age of 17 by climbing to the top of the sacred Mount Seleyer. A difficult adolescent, Rocar had set out into the desert to annoy his parents. Seeing the great forbidden mountain the young climber decided to get to the top, rebelling against all authority. Once there the 17 year old had spied on the Vulcan priestesses and was quickly caught. Unamused by this incursion, the authorities only relented when the High Priestesses from the top of Mount Seleyer intervened on the young Ktarians behalf.

In 2363 Aged 18, Rocar chooses to follow his mother's career path and enrolls at the Vulcan Science Academy to study medicine for the next five years. His tutor was Prof. Solvak. Although his knowledge of modern science and technologies is more than acceptable he feels his "enjoy-life attitude" separates him from the Vulcans and quits any further studies after he graduated with his MB BS in 2367.

In 2367, some Survivors of Wolf 359 are sent to the Starfleet medical hospital on vulcan where newly graduated Doctor Rocar watched his mother at work saving lives. It is here he decides to become a doctor but it is also here that he develops a "secret" feared dislike of certain technologies including transporters but especially anything related with the Borg. Rocar has rarely slept since 2367 having become a total insomniac -something he tries to view as being an advantage rather than a disadvantage. His mother (Dr. Uocap Seluj) was at first concerned by her sons insomnia but eventually decided there was nothing she could do to treat it and took comfort that the only time she ever saw him sleep was whenever he caught an illness. Helping the injured Starfleet Officers made Rocar feel a duty to join Starfleet, but he would not follow the calling for some time.

In 2368 a Ktarian game distributed on Risa had the neurological effect of rendering the player a tool of the Ktarian government. With this they planned a takeover of the Federation and other galactic powers. This led to their censure and embargo by the Federation. While Ktarian biotechnology was prized on the black market, the exotic technologies were banned as a sanction for their plot.

So in 2368 Rocar's father was brought out of his "backwater embassy" and sent to Earth as Ktarian Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets -regarded as the only man who stood a chance of negotiating the federations' Forgiveness. Resigning from his junior post at a hospital on Vulcan, Rocar joined his Father and worked as a junior diplomat for the Ktarians.

It was here that Rocar met many varied, strange and wonderful races and his desire to explore other worlds entered his heart. Shortly after the move to Earth Rocar's youngest brother was born. However, Rocar's father's new workload meant that he was spending less and less time with the large family.

In 2371 Rocar's parents divorce and his mother, brother and sister to Ktaria VII. But Rocar is more used to the exotic climates of Vulcan than he is to the glacial environment of his birth planet and remains on Earth with his Father. He continues in his roll as a Diplomat for Ktaria VII, helping his Father (Ambassador Trebla) to negotiate Ktarian entry into the Federation latter that year.

Towards Starfleet Academy

In 2372 his father returns to his former post on Vulcan (having achieved most of his goals.)

His task as a diplomat complete, Rocar now joins Star Fleet Academy and in part leaves diplomacy to return to medicine. In essence he took a step towards travelling between the worlds of the races he came to love during his father posting on Earth.

At first reluctant to accept an application from Rocar, the academy could not ignore Rocar's technological and scientific skills, his good humoured attitude and the references he received from both his former teachers and the federation diplomats who had dealt with his father.

Starfleet Academy

Rocar was at the Academy from 2372 till 2376 -extended length of study due to the Dominion Wars.

For about Rocar as a Cadet at Starfleet see the article: Rocar at Starfleet Academy

the years 2377 - 2379

Before joining Starbase 118 as a Medical Officer, Rocar spent two years as an Ensign with Starfleet diplomatic corps. His reasons were that he felt the need to make amends for his actions as a frontline medic in the Dominion wars and saw the diplomatic corps as a place he could help bring about peace. He also felt unready to face regular dutes after horendous atrocities and fight that he had experienced as a Cadet. Negotiating Peace treaties was his way of making up for what he and his firends had done.

It would take two years before Rocar agreed to go back to science & medicine and help make-up the fleets numbers of mainstream active officers. Even in that capacity he would continue to encourage tolerance and peaceful solutions over confrontation and as a medical officer would clash with command staff many times over their decisions to enter conflicts.