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Current Rank: Lt. Commander

Duty Post: Chief Tactical Officer

Current Vessel:

Date Assigned:

Species: Bajoran

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 2349.07.02

Place of Birth: Bajor, Eastern Province


Hair Color: Shoulder length brown hair

Eye Color: Green

Height: 5'7

Family History

Mother: Dar Ferna - Is a general on the Barjoran Executive Committee

Father: Dar Eldin - Also a General on the Executive Committee but is also a Arbitrator.

Siblings: N/A

Spouse: None

Children: First baby boy died at birth. Second baby boy Dar Kalib born on bajor stardate 238305.10.

Personal History


Elandra was born in a Cardassian Prisoner Camp 2349. Her childhood was one filled with much pain and grief but small moments of happiness. Her parents were forced in to labour. Elandra was a very solitary child. Elandra and other children to young to work were placed in the care of certain designated workers or Ba'jueer's (foster mothers.) These woman were either Cardassian or Bajoran woman. Elandra's care taker was a Cardassian woman Guka. She was killed during the camp liberation. Elandra saw her shot and to this day blames herself.

APPEARANCE: Elandra has an Athletic build and strong physical appearance. She often wears her hair up in either a ponytail or plait. She also wears the traditional Bajoran earring on her left ear on and off duty as par her tradition and religion.

RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES: She enjoys playing the violin which she learn’t while in the Academy as well as painting.

HABITS: Before starting her day she prays to the prophets asking for guidance through the day and it coming tasks. She has a habit of keeping her feelings to herself.

LIKES: She likes painting and playing music as well exercising. She also like to be by herself when she has to think.

DISLIKES: She dislikes Cardassian's and oppression of the weak.

HANDEDNESS: Abidexterus

PRIZED POSSESIONS: A pledge bracelet which was given to her by her very good friend Hale Vishen. And a guilded painting of the prophets given to her by her mother when she completed the Itanu Ceremony. A Betrothal bracelet given to her by Gabriel.

Professional History 2367.11.02 – She graduated from Ju'caTempa Learning Institute in Ilvia, in the Ilvian province. She graduated in the top five of her group, with honors. She achieved a one of the highest ranks in her schooling excelling in Tactics, government policy and military management as well as Bajoran history.

2368.02.01 - After her studies she decided to join the Bajoran military. She spent the next five years in the military, helping to get rid of the last of the Cardassian occupation of Bajor which was finally successful in 2369. She stayed with the Bajoran military until 2373 when Bajor was accepted into the United Federation of Planets.

2374 - She left the Bajoran military. She decided to help with the rebuilding of Bajor and went Bajor VIII and helped rebuild the small settlements their in.

2375 - She decided to join Starfleet Academy. For personal and professional reasons her parents accepted her decision and gave her their blessings.

2375.02.02 – Was accepted to Starfleet academy and began her fours years training at the academy she specialized in planetary systems and spatial anomalies. As well as Military tactics and security.


- Armory Department

- Engineering: Deflectors, Weapons and Security Systems

-Engineering: Operations and Command Functions

-Engineering: Base-Mode Operations

-Piloting: Land Vehicles

-Survival: Captivity

-Tactics: Combat, Martial Arts, Anbo-Jytsu and Federation Standard

-Tactics: Combat, Phasers and Photon Torpedos

-Tactics: Combat, Marksmanship

-Tactics: Combat, Introduction to Starship Combat

-Tactics: Small Units

-Astronomy: Astrophysics, General

-Astronomy: Astrophysics, Advanced

2379.01.04 – Graduated from the academy with exemplary marks.

2379.26.04 – Was assigned to the USS Constitution as a security officer.

Character Data

Previous Ships Served On:

Awards Received:

Groups: Retired Rank Upgrades


Lieutenant JG:

Lieutenant: 238109.09

Lt. Commander: 238207.14



Fleet Captain:


Rear Admiral:

Vice Admiral:


Fleet Admiral:


Elandra's family were rescued along with other Bajoran families from Gallitepp Cardassian Prison camp when she was only eight years old. Elandra has not been able to forget her expierance in the camp even though she was so young. Elandra has not returned to Bajor since joining the Academy and is still in much doubt weather she ever will. MEDICAL: Dar Elandra after being bitten by a strange creature on a planet while on shoreleave has now become immune to Borg Assimilation and her body is able to regenerate itself within a certain capacity. Her life span has also been prolonged. This is all due to Nanites that were transferred into her blood stream by the creature through the bit. The Nanites assimilated her blood cells and became part of her immune system.