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Creating a page is simple enough. There are a few different ways you can go about doing so.

Use a URL

You will notice that in the URL bar of your browser, you see something like this:

What goes after "index.php/" is the name of the page, formatted properly for a URL. However, the neat thing about the Wiki is that it can automatically fix improperly formatted URLs. So, you can enter the name of the page you want to create by simply changing what comes after the "index.php/".

For example, I could type this: 2

And the Wiki would change it into something like this:

Use a Link

You can create a new page by following (or creating) a link from another page. As you are probably aware, links which don't have a page at their terminus are red, while links which have content already are blue. Thus, if you clicked on a red link, you'd be brought immediately to an edit page, where you can add something to the content-less page.

Or, if you're linking together two related subjects, you could go to the page that already has content, and create a link to the new page. Simply use the brackets, like so:

[[New Link]]

Use the "Go" Button

To the left, you'll see a "search" box, with a "Go" button and a "Search" button. By entering the name of the page into the box, and then pushing "Go," the Wiki will bring you to a page that asks if you want to create a page with that name. Be sure, of course, to put the exact name you want in to the search box or your page will end up with an improper name.

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