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Star Fleet counselors believe strongly in and respect the dignity of all life forms. They are committed to increasing the knowledge of behavior of all life forms. Their primary duty is the maintenance of the crew’s mental health, including but not limited to clinical assessment, psychological testing, crisis intervention, individual psychotherapy, group therapy, family therapy, marital/couples therapy, personal counseling, career counseling and preventative services.

The counselor is also responsible for advising the command staff of all matters pertaining to behavior relevant to the current mission. This is typically done upon command staff request. All counselors are responsible to intervene regarding these matters when the greater welfare is deemed to be at risk. While undertaking these duties they must reasonably protect those who seek their services, without endangering the ship/station/post, crew members or personnel, or civilians.

The counselor is responsible for the ability of all crew, personnel, and civilians to carry out their duties without hindrance of mental illness or psychological conflict. This responsibility is achieved through the regular examination of the crew for psychological wellness.

Clinical Treatment

  • The patient (unless court ordered) always has the right to choose whether or not they shall enter into a counseling relationship, and whether or not they shall continue to participate in a counseling relationship.
  • The counselor must inform patients of all evaluation, treatment, education or training procedures. The counselor must also except the patient's right to determine their participation in the above. (Exception: The patient has been legally deemed incapable of rational decision making.)
  • The counselor and the patient shall work together to devise an appropriate treatment plan that is consistent with the abilities and circumstances of the patient. The counselor and the patient shall regularly review the treatment plan and evaluate progress.
  • The counselor must be respectful of their influential role in the patients life. This trust must not be exploited or used to create a dependency.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality: The counselor shall advise all patients of the privacy and confidentiality policies set forth by Star Fleet command during the first session of treatment and before the patient divulges any personal information. In all cases the counselor will abide by these policies excepting only situations where a crime has been committed or may be averted through intervention.


  • The counselor will not condone or engage in any discrimination base on age, species, gender, or any other group classification that may be applied to a sentient life form.
  • The counselor must always attempt to understand the diverse cultural background of all patients.
  • The counselor must always take into consideration the impact that his/her own cultural views and beliefs can have on the counseling process. If these values and/or beliefs conflict with the patients goals the counselor must make arrangements for alternate treatment when possible.

Termination of Treatment

  • Counselors may not terminate treatment of a patient without making prior arrangements for continued treatment.
  • Counselors who are unable to treat, or unsuccessful with treatment of a patient must arrange alternative treatment options to insure proper patient care.
  • It is appropriate for a counselor to terminate treatment of a patient when the patient’s consent has been secured, when treatment is no longer of benefit to the patient, or when treatment is no longer necessary.

Patient Rights

  • To be treated with dignity, consideration and respect at all times.
  • To expect quality service provided by concerned, trained, professional and competent staff.
  • To expect complete confidentiality within the limits of the law, and to be informed about the legal exceptions to confidentiality.
  • To a clear working contract in which business items, such as time of sessions, absences, access, and emergency procedures.
  • To a clear statement of the purposes, goals, techniques, rules of procedure and limitations, as well as the potential dangers of the services to be performed, and all other information related to or likely to affect the ongoing mental health counseling relationship.
  • To appropriate information regarding the mental health counselor's education, training, and skills.
  • To full, knowledgeable, and responsible participation in the ongoing treatment plan to the maximum extent feasible.
  • To obtain information about their case record and to have this information explained clearly and directly.
  • To request information and/or consultation regarding the conduct and progress of their therapy.
  • To refuse any recommended services and to be advised of the consequences of this action.
  • To a safe environment free of emotional, physical and sexual abuse.
  • To a client grievance procedure, including requests for consultation and/or mediation; and to file a complaint with the counselors superior officer, chief medical officer, and/or commanding officer.
  • To a clearly defined ending process, and to discontinue therapy at any time.

Command Staff Advisor Duties

  • Counselors acting as advisors must have a high degree of self-awareness of their own values, knowledge, skills, beliefs and needs in advising command staff.
  • Counselors shall be available at all times to command staff to advise on mental health issues among the crew, and with Star Fleet diplomatic issues.
  • Counselors must first act in the interest of crew safety when advising command staff. The second priority for counselor advise shall be Star Fleet interests.


REV SD 239108.17