Buoyant Drifter

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Buoyant Drifter is either the given name or the title of the current Lysandro ambassador to Starbase 118.

Lysandro History

Following the Lysandro's first contact with the Federation, and the Federation's subsequent assistance in the freeing of the Lysandro homeworld from its status as a fallow slave state, the Lysandro spent considerable resources constructing small, mobile ships for deployment into the wide universe. Dubbed Exoskeletons by the first Federation ambassadors to encounter them, the Lysandro offered at least one diplomat to each major Federation installation in the area and sent a major delegation to Earth to petition for the Lysandro's entrance into the Federation.


Buoyant Drifter is, at best, an enigma. Though the Lysandro have developed a way to translate their vibrational language into Federation standard, it remains a quiet being, speaking only when absolutely necessary. From such, Buoyant Drifter has gained a reputation as a very wise being, though its true intelligence level - and its true motives - remain, for the moment, unknown.