Bailey Lowe

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Character Hatchery
Bailey Lowe
Position Intelligence
Rank Lieutenant JG
Species Brekkian/Human
Gender Male
Birthplace Brotona, Brekka

Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Bailey Lowe is currenty an Officer on Leave. Due to the decommissioning of the USS Ronin, he is also unassigned.



  • Bailey is a very warm and open type of man. He is always kind unless he is in a situation regarding someone wanting to hurt him or one of his friends.
  • He is always confused by others to be a normal human, but be careful - Bailey was unable to finish his classes on Terran language and a universal translator is useless for Brekkian.
  • Jerek in Brekkian means light, which suites Bailey's personality quite well, apart from the fact that his history was not so light.


His quarters seemed to be slightly a mess due to Sarah playing with things, but other than that, they are clean as per StarFleet standard.

  • Favorite Room: Intelligence Office. He's in love with the place.

Personal Achievements and Disappointments

  • Achievements:
    • Sarah; His pride and joy. Vasilissa; the love of his life.
  • Disappointments:
    • His wife, Vasilissa, miscarried his first son. Bailey wasn't angry with her, but he was upset, like her.


  • Mother: Sabrina Lowe
    • A Human. She's currently on Earth, as far as Bailey knows.
  • Father: Abrian Lowe
    • Died on stardate 238809.27 due to a heart condition.


Academic Studies

While at the Academy, Bailey took Intelligence as a major, and minored in Tactical. Although he is assigned to Security, Bailey does take the mission specialist station every now and then. He is a very valuble asset to the crew, and although he is assigned to Security, his knowledge can come in handy.

Linguistic Skills

While Bailey is, obviously, very well practised in Brekkian, his English isn't entirely up to good speed. In his early years of High School, he took a few classes on Ornaran, since it isn't that different from Brekkian itself. He is fairly fluent in it, and his English isn't really that limited, but he doesn't understand the slang.

Military History

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
01-Ensign-Gold.jpg Ensign 238805.27 - 238808.10 USS Challenger-A Security Officer
B-o2.png Lieutenant JG 238808.10 - 238811.17 USS Ronin Intelligence Officer
Leave of Absense 238811.17 - Present Brekka


USS Challenger-A Missions

  • Between a Rock and a Hard ?
  • USS Challenger-A 2388 June Shore Leave
  • Hanging in the Balance

USS Ronin Missions

  • Battle for Bajor
  • USS Ronin/Duronis II Embassy 2388 September October Shore Leave

Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder Missions

  • Duronis II Embassy 2389 - June, Cameo appearance in "LtCmdr Sky Blake, "Going Home".