Atlantis Deck-by-Deck Visual Layout

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Intrepid-icon2.gif       "The quest for truth is a noble one."

The USS Atlantis is an Intrepid Class ship comprised of 15 decks. Decks 1-5 exist exclusively on the 'saucer' section of the ship, with decks 10-15 exclusively in the drive section. Decks 6-9 stretch across the entirety of the ship's length.

Intrepid class MSD.jpg

The features listed are not an exhaustive account of all facilities. There is more of Atlantis to be explored!

For a list of locations with links to specific rooms, visit the Atlantis Deck-by-Deck Layout.

Deck 1.png

Deck 2 FO Ready Room.png

Deck 3s.jpg

Deck 4s mod.jpg

Deck 5s.jpg

Deck 6s.jpg

Deck 7s.jpg

Deck 8s.jpg

Deck 9as.jpg

Deck 9bs.jpg

Deck 10s.jpg

Deck 11s mod.jpg

Deck 12s.jpg

USS Atlantis Deck 13 refit 17-06-18.jpeg

Deck 14s.jpg

Deck 15s.jpg