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The wiki is public & permanent

Before adding anything to the wiki – especially information about yourself – you should be aware that everything on 118Wiki is public and permanent.

The wiki is public

While users must be logged-in to edit any content on the wiki, everyone in the world has the ability to view most of our wiki, including user pages and their revision history. That means that anything, and everything, you post on the wiki can be found and viewed by anyone else.

The wiki is permanent

Built into the very fabric of the wiki software is revision history which saves every single change to every page.

While the administrators can delete pages, their revision history is still viewable by some users.

Consider your safety and privacy first

Before adding any personal information to your wiki user page, consider what you make public on other social networks, and whether you'd be comfortable with your name and/or location being public even if you decide to leave our community.

If you're at all concerned about keeping anything private, we encourage you to use an alias (a.k.a. pen name, or nom de plume) on the wiki and avoid divulging any other personal information.

Requesting deletions

If you're concerned that anything you've added to the wiki is personally identifiable, contact an admin and ask that the page be deleted. Replacing personal information on a page is a good start, as well – the vast majority of people who view a page will not review any page revisions.

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