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* [[User:Rich|Rich]] ([[User talk:Rich|talk]]) ''aka Lt. Cmdr. {{n|Roshanara|Rahman}}''
* [[User:Chythar Daniel Skyfire|Kat]] ([[User talk:Chythar Daniel Skyfire|talk]])<br>''aka Lieutenant {{n|Chythar|Skyfire}}''
* [[User:Chythar Daniel Skyfire|Kat]] ([[User talk:Chythar Daniel Skyfire|talk]])<br>''aka Lieutenant {{n|Chythar|Skyfire}}''
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<br clear=all>
<br clear=all>
*'''Chief of Wiki Operations:''' [[User:Rich|Rich]] ([[User talk:Rich|talk]]) ''aka Lt. Cmdr. {{n|Roshanara|Rahman}}''  
*'''Chief of Wiki Operations:''' ''Open'' (Vote to be held)
*'''Vice Chief of Wiki Operations:''' [[User:Sky Blake|Deliera]] ([[User talk:Sky Blake|talk]]) ''aka Lt. Cmdr. {{n|Tristam|Core}}''
*'''Vice Chief of Wiki Operations:''' [[User:Sky Blake|Deliera]] ([[User talk:Sky Blake|talk]]) ''aka Lt. Cmdr. {{n|Tristam|Core}}''

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118Wiki Operations
Wiki Ops logo.png
"I know engineers. They love to change things!"
- Leonard McCoy

  • Wiki Operations Team

Facilitator: Rune Jolara

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Wiki Operations Team

The Wiki Operations Team, also known as Wiki Ops, is a development team that helps organize efforts to keep the wiki updated (such as on the Face List, crew history pages, various duty post sections, etc.) and harness the enthusiasm of frequent wiki contributors.

Team Member Duties

Ideally, the team will be comprised of at least one member from each active ship or station.

Each member of the Wiki Ops team will endeavour to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Keep his or her ship's section of the wiki updated as much as possible (especially roster and crew history pages).
  • Ensure his or her ship's section of the Face List is up to date.
  • Maintain the Ship Listing, Duty Post, and Crew Nav Templates.
  • Assist and teach other wiki users how to edit the wiki.
  • Learn how to use the various wiki templates available and then pass on that knowledge to other users.
  • Seek out new opportunities to improve various sections of the wiki, such as the Academy Library and Memory 118.

How to Join Wiki Ops

Membership to the Wiki Ops team is open to all members. To join, leave a message with the current facilitator of the team on his or her talk page.

To serve as facilitator of the Wiki Ops team, you must hold the OOC rank of at least lieutenant junior grade and be approved by majority vote by the rest of the team.

Wiki Ops Team Members





We need YOU!



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We need YOU!


StarBase 118 Ops




  • Chief of Wiki Operations: Open (Vote to be held)
  • Vice Chief of Wiki Operations: Deliera (talk) aka Lt. Cmdr. Tristam Core

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